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Beautiful presentation of your jewellery is very important to us. We want you to feel delighted when it arrives.

Whether your jewellery is a gift for a loved one, or a treat to yourself, we know that the quality of the packaging and presentation makes your new piece all the more special. And on a practical note, we want you to have an optimal way to protect and store your jewellery – which is why every item we sell arrives within one of our luxurious gift boxes. Beautiful packaging needn’t cost the Earth; we’re proud that our sustainable outer packaging is Forest Stewardship Council approved, which means its production doesn’t harm the world’s forests. Please do see below the gallery on what to expect with each purchase.

Large Bag.jpg

Diamond Cabin Large Delivery Box. Will be delivered with all orders to help keep your precious jewellery safe and secure in transit. 100% Recycled.

Large Box.jpg

Diamond Cabin Large Shopping Bag. Will be delivered on large quantity orders. Sustainable bag made entirely from recycled materials.

Delivery Box.jpg

Diamond Cabin Sliding Box. This box will be used to house your jewellery whether it be a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings. With a sliding enclosure which will reveal your jewellery in a velvet cushion setting. 100% Recycled.

Small Bag.PNG

Diamond Cabin Small Shopping Bag. Will be delivered on smaller orders. Sustainable bag made entirely from recycled materials. This petite bag is perfect for when you want to treat yourself with an order. 100% Recycled.

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