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Explore the Home of  Diamond's

At Diamond Cabin you are allowed to get lost in the sparkles and exquisite craftmanship of all of our pieces. Whatever the occasion, Diamond Cabin are here to assist on getting it simply perfect.

Find Your Forever Ring at Diamond Cabin

Whether your looking to pop the question or simply looking to spoil yourself. Here at Diamond Cabin we have the products to exceed your expectations and get the perfect gift.

Explore our Finest Bracelets

Our team of skilled artisans creates each piece with meticulous attention to detail, so that each bracelet meets our exacting standards. Whether you’re looking for a classic diamond tennis bracelet or a sleek Moissanite bangle, Diamond Cabin has the perfect selection for you. We believe that every piece has a unique story to tell, and we want you to be a part of that story.

IGI & GIA Certified Store of Natural & Lab Diamonds

IGI Diamond Certification

The world's leading independent diamond, gem and jewellery grading, education and appraisal institute since 1975.  IGI grades more diamonds, gemstones and jewellery around the world than any other gemmological organization. Diamond Cabin uses approved diamonds and has all of the certification for each diamond with unique identity codes for each. Diamond Cabin offer a lifetime guarantee on all IGI approved jewellery.


The Diamond Cabin Story

Get to Know Us

Founded in 2015, Diamond Cabin has been providing high quality jewellery to our customers for over 8 years. Our passion for beautiful jewellery and exceptional customer service has made us a trusted name in the industry. We were just an online shop on numerous platforms but now have decided to take the extra step of our very own online store. We have created our website to hopefully reach out and share our jewellery with more people from around the world. We really appreciate your time and want to keep giving the wow factor to our customers with our unique pieces.

The Diamond Cabin Global Pledge

Our Commitment to the Planet

Sustainability and commitment to preserving our precious environment has always been at the forefront of The Diamond Cabin's code of ethics.
As a brand, we constantly strive to improve our environmental pr
actices to make every aspect of the business as eco-friendly as possible.

How your order helps the Planet

Eco-friendly Delivery & Packaging

Our products’ beautiful outer packaging is made of 100% FSC certified wood and paper, meaning the production of the materials hasn’t hurt the world’s precious forests. We are also working hard to ensure every element of our product packaging is fully sustainable, in the future.
We recognise that sending orders by post comes with its own carbon footprint. That’s why we chose UPS & Royal Mail - which handles 99.5% of our shipments - as our principal delivery company. It has electrified 1,500 vehicles in its UK fleet and is committed to their own strategy of zero-emission deliveries, making deliveries as carbon neutral as currently possible. 

Assisting the Wild

Throughout the year each order that is received by Diamond Cabin is calculated into our green credentials calculator and at the year end we pledge to fund 2.5% of our annual revenue into Worldwide Projects which not only include the Carbon Footprint commitments we have listed below below. We also aim to make the world a better place for our animals. We have a direct partnership with the WWF to help preserve our special diverse species globally and ensure we do all we can to fund the "Introducing to Wild Programme" which aims to increase global numbers of endangered species.

Supporting Climate Change Projects

 The Diamond Cabin supports many projects around the world. These projects help protect valuable assets such as the Amazon Rainforest, the largest on the planet, and home to many endangered species that rely on it for their survival. These projects aim to eliminate unplanned deforestation and is expected to prevent over 10 million tonnes.

Clare H,


“I was unsure about ordering this ring especially online as so many places are scams. But I have to say I love this ring.."

Morgan James,


"Everything about my ring is
perfect. All certification received and has an excellent shine"

Lisa Driver,


“I absolutely love this ring, I was nervous to order without having tried it on but I am so glad I did.”

Core Values

Free Worldwide Shipping

We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders of diamonds & jewellery no  matter the cost, how good is that! We will send your items with full value insurance and a protection programme in place if you do not receive. We are dedicated to giving the best service. Our collections are thoroughly examined and tested before shipping to ensure customer satisfaction. Products include,  Moonstone jewellery, Charms, Rings, Diamonds, Bracelets, Necklaces.


At Diamond Cabin, we take pride in our guarantee packages. Please see below;

Moonstone & CZ Stones - 3 Months Guarantee

GRA Moissanite Certified Gemstones - 2 Year Guarantee

IGI Certified Diamonds - Lifetime Guarantee

GIA Certified Diamonds - Lifetime Guarantee

Free 28 day returns

We offer a protection for our customers as if you are for any reason unsatisfied we will allow up to 28 days for returns and a full refund on return.

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Diamond Cabin London

Camden, London, EC1N 8LE,

United Kingdom

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